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Dear friend,

If there ever comes a time when the women of the world come together purely and simply for the benefit of mankind, it will be a force such as the world has never known.

Over a century ago, the English poet Matthew Arnold said, “If there ever comes a time when the women of the world come together purely and simply for the benefit of mankind, it will be a force such as the world has never known.”

I’ll cut right to the chase. I believe now can be that time. I believe we can be those women.

In our world today, the very idea of womanhood is being assailed from virtually all sides, with women being sexualized on one front and silenced on the other. I believe femininity is under attack because Jesus is coming back for a bride. Our enemy, terrified of what—and who—we were made to reflect, seeks to blur the lines, distorting the very idea of what it means to bear the imago Dei, God’s divine image in us, as women.

Our enemy has launched an all out attack on women because he sees what we could be—and fears it.

This is not a time to retreat to the sidelines in fear, content to live quiet, comfortable lives away from the heat of the battle. Nor is it a time to be known simply for what we are against. There is way too much at stake—our marriages, our children, our communities, our future—to not be fully engaged. Rather than shouting at the darkness from a distance, it’s time for us to bravely carry the light.

I believe it’s a time for us to have real, honest, intimate conversations and emerge with god-inspired solutions, equal to the challenges of our day.

This is a time for us as women to rise up, confident in our god-given identity, clear on our commission, and courageous in our calling.

I want nothing more than for us to be these women. It’s what drives me to write and travel and speak. More recently, it’s why I’ve felt it pressed on my heart to hold smaller, more intimate in-person gatherings of women. And while these have been wonderful places to have critical, off-the-record conversations, they have not been without their challenges. Many have told me they’d love to be a part of these, but can’t because of the more significant costs or time commitment involved with attending these in-person gatherings.

That’s why I’m thrilled to announce the Fighting for Female Online Intensive.

Over the years, I’ve had so many women approach me and ask if I would mentor them—and while I have obvious time constraints, I still want to do what I can to pour into a small group of women. I don’t have all the answers, but through 40 years of navigating marriage, the trenches of motherhood, and decades being a woman in ministry—I’ve learned some critical things I want to bring to the table. I believe this online intensive will create a safe, more intimate place to pass these lessons on to you, and for us to have needed conversations as women so we can bring prophetic answers to a world in need.

I want to invite you to pray about joining the Fighting for Female Online Intensive, and if it resonates with you, to come alongside me and other beautiful sisters on this 12-week journey.

For such a time as this,


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Lisa Bevere

bi-weekly Zoom Sessions

  • 90 minute bi-weekly
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  • Includes: teaching and Q&A


  • Notes of weekly sessions
  • Journal prompts
  • Recorded session recaps
Fighting For Female Intensive


  • Connect with other women through the private facebook group & make meaningful connections to carry forward

Session Details

Session 1

February 8th at 7pm CST

Session 2

February 22nd at 7pm CST

Session 3

March 8th at 7pm CST

Session 4

March 22nd at 7pm CST

Session 5

April 5th at 7pm CST

Session 6

April 19th at 7pm CST

Everything You Need

to know

This intensive is for any woman who wants to rise above the current cultural confusion, embrace her unique and essential role as a beloved daughter of the King, and step more fully into her god-given expression of femininity—whether that be in a formal ministry role, as a marketplace leader, a wife, a mother, or any other sphere of influence you find yourself in as a woman of faith!

The Fighting for Female Online Intensive begins on February 8th, at 7pm CST, and continues with bi-weekly sessions until April 19th, at 7pm CST. If you are unable to attend the sessions live, we will make sure everyone in this intensive is provided with the recordings.
Admission to this online intensive is $299 (non-refundable).
We are trying to build a community of highly-invested women who want to go deep, and that requires both a sense of responsibility to yourself and the others in the intensive.

No. This intensive is open to all women—younger, wiser, or anything in-between!

We’ll be diving into so many conversations around womanhood, including (but not limited to) aspects related to marriage and motherhood, being a woman in ministry, leading in the marketplace, navigating the current cultural landscape, and more!


Lisa’s team will be happy to answer any of your questions.
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