Fiercely Loved

New 90-day Devotional from Lisa Bevere

Fiercely Loved

Discover God’s Wild Thoughts About You

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Christianity 101, right? But let's be honest... Most of us know God loves us in the same way we know things like algebra.

We're often unsure how it affects our day-to-day lives. God’s love isn’t meant to be a fact we memorize. It’s meant to be a reality we experience. Intimately.

I wrote the Fiercely Loved devotional because I want to invite you to invest 90 days in perhaps the longest journey of all—the journey from your head to your heart.

It’s only when we allow the love of God to touch our most vulnerable places—our flaws, our failures, our insecurities, our hurts—that it truly changes us.

I pray this devotional helps lead you and the women in your life into a more personal and transformation encounter with the love of God.

You, daughter, are fiercely loved.


These Daily Readings are Designed to Help You:

  • Step into an experiential knowledge of God’s love
  • Identify lies and replace them with truth
  • Break limiting beliefs that keep you stuck
  • Invite God’s love to touch your deepest insecurities
  • Discover the truth of how God sees you

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Fiercely Loved
  • The Fiercely Loved Book
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  • Admission for you & a friend to the Fiercely Loved Live Event, a 1-hour online workshop w/ Lisa
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  • The Fiercely Loved Journaling Guide to help you do deeper, ongoing work
  • The "Light up the Lie" worksheet to help identify & break deeply held strongholds
Live Workshop
Lisa Bevere Live Event
  • Admission for you to the 1-hour Fiercely Loved workshop w/ Lisa
  • The Fiercely Loved Journaling Guide to help you do deeper, ongoing work
  • The "Light up the Lie" worksheet to identify & break core lies
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  • The Fiercely Loved Book
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These 90 daily readings by New York Times Bestselling author Lisa Bevere will help you discover God’s wild thoughts about you. God doesn’t just tolerate you. He loves you and wants you to know His wild thoughts toward you are full of love, joy, grace, and mercy.

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About Lisa

Lisa Bevere has spent three decades empowering women of all ages to find their identity and purpose. She is a New York Times bestselling author and internationally known speaker. Her previous books, which include Fight Like a Girl, Lioness Arising, Girls with Swords, Without Rival, and Adamant, are in the hands of millions worldwide. Lisa and her husband John are the founders of Messenger International.

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"It's time to change the way you think God thinks about you."

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Messenger International, a ministry founded by John and Lisa Bevere in 1990, exists to develop uncompromising followers of Christ who transform our world. We are dedicated to providing believers worldwide with access to life-transforming messages regardless of their location, language, or financial position.

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